Film Carrier MK1 + Pro Mount MK1

Film Carrier MK1 + Pro Mount MK1

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Negative Carrier MK1 + Pro Mount MK1

Introducing the Pro Mount MK1, designed to partner seamlessly with our Film Carrier MK1 35mm scanning unit. The Pro Mount MK1 offers added stability, precision, and dust removal capabilities to our scanning system. Read on for more info!


Our Film Carrier MK1 safely and easily attaches to the Pro Mount MK1, and the Mount offers added weight and widens the footprint of the unit, adding stability to the scanning process. While the Film Carrier MK1 is still stable without the Pro Mount, this ensures even greater stability and control.


Our Pro Mount MK1 is a precisely designed device featuring leveling feet to guarantee a level plane for scanning. The bottoms of the leveling feet also feature small anti-slip feet for added stability and precision.

Dust removal

Our most exciting feature on the Pro Mount MK1 saves you a tremendous amount of time and frustration in post production. Every Pro Mount MK1 includes an anti-static brush that securely attaches to the Mount, coming in line with the film gate of our Film Carrier MK1. Most dust and unwanted debris will be automatically removed from your film BEFORE scanning, saving you time and energy.

The dynamic duo for 35mm film scanning! 

Receive our Film Carrier MK1 35mm scanning unit AND our Pro Mount MK1


  • Film Carrier MK1 35mm Scanning Unit

  • Pro Mount MK1 for Film Carrier MK1 Scanning Unit

  • Anti-static dust removal brush (included with every Pro Mount)