What makes this product unique?

  • While varying concepts for digital camera film scanning exist today, MK1 is unique in that it scans a full length, uncut roll of 35mm film.  Providing a much faster means of operation, having the ability to scan an uncut roll can allow an operator to scan an entire 36 exposure roll in 5 minutes or less.  Alternatively, you can scan strips of film, or individual mounted E6 slides.  MK1 can scan 35mm full and half frame film in strips or full rolls

What are the Limitations?  

  • MK1 is optimized exclusively for 35mm full frame and half frame scans, and as such this unit itself is incapable of scanning 120 medium format film.  But we at Negative Supply believe in adaptability and convenience, and are currently hard at work developing(no pun intended) a similar concept for full length 120 roll film, offering all the conveniences of MK1 for your medium format needs.

How do camera scans compare?

  • There are three key advantages to scanning with a modern digital camera:  high dynamic range, quick scanning operation, and low cost of entry.  While some scanning options can boast of their speed, low cost, or their high dynamic range individually, MK1 is the only accessible scanning platform that offers all of these advantages in one sleek, compact unit.  Beyond these advantages and contrasts to other scanning methods, MK1 offers incredibly sharp scans thanks to an expertly engineered channel that not only keeps your film flat, but keeps the emulsion safe.  

Why is camera scanning so popular?

  • Digital camera scanning is popular because it’s an easy and resourceful way to scan your own work.  All you need is a digital camera, a computer, our MK1 scanner, and a small light table or similar light source.  If you’re a digital photographer interested in shooting film, a hybrid photographer looking for a resourceful way to scan your own film, or a photographer exclusively shooting film with the desire to quickly and easily scan at home or the office, using a digital camera is a great option.  You can make use of the digital camera you already own or easily source one used or new.  (P.S.- you don’t need the newest and greatest to get great scans)

What thought went into design?  What problems are we solving?

  • Our designs for MK1(andother forthcoming products) are all informed by our passion and love for film photgoraphy.  Negative Supply is owned and operated by film photographers, and we’ve collectively toiled and fought with various scanning methods over the years.  When thinking of a way to design MK1, we had a few goals in mind.  

  • Our biggest design concerns were creating a device that allowed a full roll of film(orstrip) to be scanned, creating a scanner that kept the film perfectly flat for optimal sharpness during capture, and a scan method that did not in any way interfere with the film emulsion.  After successfully overcoming these hurtles, we’ve decided to share our concept(andproduct) with the world.  

How does it help a lab?

  • MK1 helps labs by giving them a better scanning option for 35mm film in general, but a truly superior option for scanning slide aka E6“positive”film.  While Fuji Frontier SP3000 and the Noritsu HS1800 scanners are great options for commercial labs, both are incredibly expensive and poorly optimized for scanning color positive film.  Having scanned color positive film on various commercial lab scanners over the years, we can proudly attest to the superior quality of scanning positive film with a DSLR scanning rig, and MK1 does it best.  Wanna see for yourself?  Check out our sample scans, scan comparisons, or request a beta test unit.  

What is our driving force, short and long term goals?

What inspired the creation of Negative Supply was the ultimate goal to sustain and stimulate the photographic film, paper, and chemistry industry through various means and for years to come.  

  • Bring 120 and 35mm scanners to market that scan full rolls with a DSLR

  • Offer additional, dynamic solutions for film scanning and developing that make the process easy and affordable

  • Introduce scanning technology to safely, quickly, and easily scan 4x5, 5x7, and 8x10 large format films