Podcast: Scary stories To Tell In The Darkroom


A Podcast By Northeast Photographic

Tune in to this week’s episode for an inside look at the development and design on the Film Carrier MK1 on one of our favorite podcasts, Scary Stories to Tell in the Darkroom by Northeast Photographic. Co-Founder AJ Holmes sits down with Mark Sperry of Northeast photographic to discuss what film photography means to him, and how we believe our Film Carrier MK1 and Pro Mount MK1 will encourage more users to and scan at home, quickly and easily.


As one of the world’s most innovative film labs, Northeast Photographic is continually looking for new ways to deliver superior results with E6 scanning. Through an extensive beta phase, the MK1 has seen successful implementation in their workflow allowing for greater speed and consistency. We encourage anyone looking for film processing and scanning to look into their amazing services.

Website: www.northeastphotographic.com

Instagram: @northeastphotographic

Saxon McClamma