Introducing the Pro Mount MK1 - Adding Stability and Dust Removal


We are thrilled to introduce yet another exciting product in advance of our July 1st Kickstarter launch! Our Pro Mount MK1 allows our Film Carrier MK1 to securely and easily attach, ensuring a more stable scanning process by adding weight and widening its footprint. Want another feature? Our Pro Mount MK1 also includes an anti static brush that mounts outside of our Film Carrier MK1 film gate, removing dust and unwanted artifacts before you scan. The Pro Mount MK1 also features adjustable feet to help guarantee a level film scanning plane, level and flat helps guarantee sharpness! We’re here to make sure you spend less time scanning, and more time shooting. With our Film Carrier MK1 and Pro Mount MK1, you can do just that.

Over the last year we’ve tirelessly searched for a convenient way to digitize film at home after developing C-41 and black and white films. We tried multiple options including strip scanners and flatbeds from big manufacturers, but weren’t happy with either and the workflows were tiresome! That's why we created the Film Carrier MK1 and the Pro Mount MK1. We believe camera scanning is here to stay, and with our durable products you’ll be able to scan film quickly and efficiently, ensuring you more time to take photographs.


Spend hours with your camera, not your flatbed scanner.

With our Film Carrier MK1 and our optional Pro Mount MK1, digitizing negatives or positives at home or in the lab has never been easier. Unlike traditional flatbed scanners, or aging traditional roll scanners/minilab scanners, our unit is built around a system that can evolve with digital camera technologies, allowing you to continuously upgrade your camera (aka hardware) when you deem fit. With the Film Carrier MK1 you’ll be able to scan entire rolls of 35mm film in as little as 5 minutes or less, all while keeping the emulsion safe and aligned during frame advancement with our precision drive mechanism. With the optional Pro Mount MK1, tricky camera setups are easy to level for consistent and sharp results thanks to adjustable feet and a weighted base, ensuring precision and stability, and you’ll automatically remove dust with our anti static brush!


Scary Stories to Tell in the Darkroom

Tune in later this week for an inside look at the development and design on the Film Carrier MK1 on one of our favorite podcasts, Scary Stories to Tell in the Darkroom by Northeast Photographic. Co-Founder AJ Holmes discusses what film photography means to him, and how we believe our Film Carrier MK1 and Pro Mount MK1 will encourage more users to and scan at home, quickly and easily.


Early Bird Ordering

We’re also happy to share that early bird ordering will be offered through our crowdfunding campaign! These reward tiers will offer the products at a reduced cost and with faster shipping to thank you for following along with our journey. We will let you know as soon as the campaign goes live, giving you opportunity to place your order in our early bird phase (we expect early bird orders to sell out quickly)!

Saxon McClamma