Negative Supply - Let’s Talk About Time


Let’s talk about time.

This past weekend I spent some time scanning old negatives I haven’t looked at in years, and I couldn’t help but wonder why I’ve never seen some of the photographs. Then it hit me: I was spending so much time taking photos and traveling that I didn’t have time to scan strips in a flat bed, and I didn’t have money to spend on a professional scanner.

These negatives, of friends and family, sat developed (but unseen) for years because of an inefficient workflow and cost prohibitive tools. I was reminded once again of why we founded Negative Supply: to enable film photographers to create and share more work, and to do so affordably and efficiently.

Over the past 3 months we’ve received dozens of messages from photographers all over the world telling us how excited they are for our film carrier. Each and every message we receive is encouraging, but the ones that really resonate with us are those from film shooters that just can’t afford to spend hours with traditional scanners, and know that camera scanning is a future that will allow you to shoot more film. In fact, 58% of you told us it takes more than 30 minutes to digitize just one roll of film, and we think our MK1 will really revolutionize your workflow by scanning entire rolls in just 5 minutes. And for those of you worried about having a “nice digital camera” to scan with, almost all of the photos we’ve shared have been digitized with a $150 T2i.

As I sit here looking over the rolls finally scanned from years past, I’m now more sure than ever we are on the right path. In the coming weeks we launch our crowdfunding campaign, but I truly believe we are launching something else. Something bigger. It’s our goal for this campaign to spark interest throughout the film community in camera scanning, because we know that each and every tool that makes shooting film easier and more affordable helps sustain the industry as a result. Our aim is to increase accessibility and affordability of shooting film, and this is our first step towards that goal.

We are here to empower a generation of photographers. We are here to share our passion for film. We are here to help you bring your film to life.

Early Bird Ordering

I’m also happy to share that we will be offering early bird ordering through our crowdfunding campaign. These reward tiers will offer the products at a reduced cost and with faster shipping to thank you for following along with our journey. We will let you know as soon as the campaign goes live so that you have an opportunity to place an order as soon as possible (we expect early bird orders to sell out quickly).

Saxon McClamma