Negative Supply: Lauch Timeline and Updates


The Wait is Almost Over.

While we’ve been busy planning the next steps of our company and finding our place in the film industry, you’ve been busy making photographs - and we can’t wait for you to scan your images on our MK1 unit. Over the past 3 months, our team has been hard at work creating what we think will become the very best option for scanning 35mm negative and positive film, as well as making plans for scanning 120 and large format film.

During the development phase, we’ve come to realize how important quality assurance is; and our testing has been non-stop. By utilizing the best manufacturing techniques available and the highest quality components, we’ve begun finalizing pricing and a timeline for the MK1. While we are still waiting on a few supplier quotes and not ready to share pricing, we have exciting news to share about availability. 

We are proud to announce that our crowdfunding campaign will launch July 1st, 2019, and we are looking to fulfill orders very quickly after the campaign ends. You’ll be able to reserve a MK1 unit at a reduced rate during this campaign, and the funds raised during this time will empower the development and production of the MK1, as well as fund further research and development of our 120 and large format scanning units.

We need your help.

We are looking for several beta testers, but we are also looking to gather information about the camera scanning community so that we can design the best product possible.

We would be honored if you would take 2 minutes to complete our camera scanning questionnaire. It includes key pieces of information about the workflow that you use to digitize your film - this is vital information we would love to consider as we finalize the finished product. If you’re still interested in testing a pre-release unit, please fill this out within the next 7 days.


Northeast Photographic

Through an extensive beta phase, the MK1 has seen successful implementation in their workflow allowing for greater speed and consistency. We encourage anyone looking for film processing and scanning to look into their amazing services. 

You can find out more about Northeast photographic by visiting their website at

Thank you for your continued support and taking the time to read this email. We should have an update in about 2 weeks, but are constantly sharing updates via our instagram 

Press or Influencer? We would love to speak with you! We are looking to schedule hands on sessions and interviews in the coming weeks. Please reach out using the contact form for more information. 

-Saxon & AJ

Saxon McClamma