Design Upgrades + Last Chance to Pre-Order

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Just 20 Units Left at an Introductory Price.

We are happy to say that because of the success of our Kickstarter, we purchased additional inventory to have on hand for pre-orders. You can take advantage of this pricing until inventory is exhausted by shopping below.

Once these units are gone, we aren’t sure when ordering will open back up due to parts availability. As a reminder, we are still focused on getting Kickstarter orders out the door, so these units will leave in wave 2, or early October.

The MK1 is Going Metal.

It has been our goal from the beginning to produce a product that will serve photographers for years to come. While the nylon fusion technologies we used in prototypes functioned flawlessly and was incredibly durable, we kept looking for ways to provide more value to our backers. Once we were funded, this push didn’t stop.

Though a few strategic supplier negations, we were able to redesign the MK1 to be produced from CNC machined aluminum in a beautiful anodized black color.

But there’s more, because of complex internal geometry needed to carry film precisely through the gate, we are still utilizing the latest nylon fusion technology to manufacture the internal film guides. This means that each and every MK1 will be shipping with a standard gate (shows border, but little to no sprocket), and additional gates will be offered soon after launch to fully mask the negative, and show sprockets. Finally, because of consistency issues for the previous advance knob, we chose to go with a more custom solution in a beautiful anodized aluminum finish. This knob is larger, and has a knurled grip for precise advancing.


Above: Renderings of the MK1 in beautiful anodized aluminum - an upgrade shipping on all units for our Kickstarter backers and pre-orders.

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